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Ruddy skin is skin with a red hue. This can be for any number of reasons, medical, genetic, dietary and even exposure to weather conditions. It is far more noticeable on people with pale skin because it is essentially a flushing effect, it is blood beneath the skin showing through and the darker the skin, the less visible the blood beneath the surface becomes. It is often seen on people with Red or very fair hair as this is often accompanied by pale skin and the example I am going to use is none other than our very own Prince Harry.

You can see from the picture that Harry has very flushed features, more so than his brother (although I’ve darkened the image to make Harry the obvious subject)and for Harry not unique to this photograph (just google Prince Harry, you’ll see what I mean). Although this is not limited to just red heads, I’ve used a red head as an example because he’s a very good example of a ruddy complexion without going to the realms of alcoholism, which can be a trigger for a condition known as rosacea and I don’t really want to start putting images of medical conditions on this blog. Excessive consumption of alcohol might explain why this is so appropriate for Dwarves. But whatever the causes of it, this skin tone can be used for any model requiring a slightly rosier skin tone be it Dwarves, Northmen/Vikings, or just making someone look slightly out of breath.

Colour Palette


You will need the following colours from the Citadel Range

  1. Rhinox Hide (Base) – This is only needed if you paint over a black undercoat
  2. Doombull Brown (Layer)
  3. Bugman’s Glow (Base)
  4. Cadian Fleshtone (Layer)
  5. Kislev Flesh (Layer)
  6. Reikland Fleshshade (Shade)

Anyone using other paint ranges should use the Colour Conversion Chart link in the menu on the left of the screen.

Step 1


Base coat the flesh areas with Rhinox Hide

Note that if you used a White Undercoat, you will not need this stage. If you used a black undercoat, this stage will allow you to apply the Doombull Brown in stage 2 and achieve a smooth and even coat.

Step 2

Paint all of the flesh areas with Doombull brown. This is technically the base coat so you do not need to leave any of the previous coat showing as a shade.

Step 3

Highlight the flesh areas with watered down Bugman’s Glow. Because Bugman’s Glow is a base and therefore has quite a strong pigment, you should water this down somewhat as this will allow the paint to blend with the previous layer.

Step 4

Highlight the flesh with Cadian Fleshtone, only apply small amounts to areas that are naturally raised (facial features, muscle bulges etc).

Step 5

Highlight the flesh with Kislev Flesh. I reserve this for the very finest highlight, things like cheek bones, noses, knuckles etc.

Step 6

Give all the flesh areas a wash with thinned down Reikland Fleshshade. I use roughly 1:1 ink/thinner (water or medium) as this is more of a glaze and the inks are too strong if applied “neat”.

Below is an example of a miniature (a Dwarf Miner) I am currently in the process of painting that uses this technique.

As always, feel free to comment and feedback and request advice on any subject you like.