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Welcome to the second tutorial on painting white robes. I would recommend before you continue, if you have not done so already, that you have a read of the intro to part 1. You don’t need to read the entire thing but there is some information regarding “white” as a concept that you may find useful. If you’re not bothered you can still follow this tutorial, which I shall now proceed with.

Colour Palette

You will need the following colours from the citadel range:

  1. Ceramite White (Optional)
  2. Fenrisian Grey (Layer)
  3. Ulthuan Grey (Layer)
  4. Whitescar (Layer)

Note that the first item on the list is only required if you use a black undercoat. If you use a white undercoat, you should not need to add this layer. Also, as with part 1, thinning your paints is the key, I use a medium extender but you can use water (although I find you need to be careful how much water you add as it has much greater thinning effect than the medium extender).

Anyone using other paint ranges should use the Colour Conversion Chart link in the menu on the left of the screen.

Step 1

If you haven’t used a white undercoat, basecoat the robes using Ceramite White, you will probably need to apply two coats and I would highly recommend you thin the paint down as this provides a much smoother finish. If you do not you will get quite a streaky finish which will show in the subsequent layers.

Step 2

Now paint the whole area with Fenrisian Grey. Again, thin your paints down before using to ensure a smooth finish. More thin coats are better than one thick one.

Step 3

Highlight the robes using Ulthuan Grey, thinned down.

Step 4

Finally, highlight with Whitescar. You may need to apply a couple of layers to really bring out the whiteness.

So, how does this compare with other methods of painting white? Look below to see which you prefer. Clicking on the photos will take you to the relevant painting tutorial

White_Robes_05 White_Robes_2_04

As always, feel free to comment or question and I’ll answer them if I can. Or if there’s a particular topic you’re interested in, ask me for a tutorial and if I can I will endeavour to create one.